Lummetry ALLAN is our generative neural language system capable of carrying out conversations, creating user real time profiling and do so in the Romanian language.

   Moreover, it can perform intelligent tasks outside of chatbot type conversations such as: Analyzing documents and perform smart classification (e.g. emails’ classification), generate task-oriented specific insights and construct the writer’s profile. 

Key features

Analyses and participates in conversations, creating a user profiles

100% Deep Neural based assistant with no rules or decision trees

Can be deployed as an online personal assistant or for an API back-end sistem

What inspired us to create ALLAN

   In this century of technological growth the term “chat-bot” should mean more than just a series of yes & no answers or a forced decision tree. This is why we wanted to push the definition to its next logical step in evolution.

   Our goal was to create a fully comprehending, easily trainable AI that is capable of conversing with a person as humanly as possible. 

   If given enough materials to study and understand, it can learn to communicate on any given topic. Additionally, it can also create the human’s interest profile, understanding what he needs throughout the discussion.


The acronym ALLAN, which stands for ALL-purpose Artificial Neural-assistant, was chosen as a nod to the mathematician
Alan Mathison Turing

The first big step in showcasing the potential of ALLAN was in front of the European Committee, leading to a resounding success.

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